Why do i need a dedicated / static IP address for my website ?

There are a few situations where you must ave a dedicated IP address for your website, The most common reason is a Secure Certificate, Because the connection with the server is encrypted, and because the certificate needs to state a website name before even talking to a client machine, every SSL certificate needs a dedicated IP address.

Another reason why you need a dedicated IP address is when your application should respond on behalf of every domain name that points to your hosting space, such as a domain parking server, or a domain hosting compatible blogging platform that you are designing.

Also, FTP is an older protocol that does not use hostnames, and therefore if you would like to have a public FTP server, an IP address is a must.

Another reason that we remain skeptical about is SEO, some claim that a dedicated IP address is better for SEO, although google explicitly said it is not true, and our experience supports that claim, as well as common sense, Some people still insist on shelling an IP address for SEO reasons, and no one can actually "Prove" it is not useful no matter how unlikely it is.

So, If you have advanced hosting needs, Dedicated Hosting IP (Internet Protocol) may be for you. A Dedicated Hosting IP means each web hosting account has a unique address, not shared by any other accounts on the same server.

How much does it cost ?

V Cheap Domains sells dedicated / static IP addresses with shared hosting for an additional $2.99/mo

About IP addresses

What is an IP address ?

An IP address is an address of an internet connected device, it allows devices on the internet to contact each other by routing packets to addresses.

How many IP addresses are there ?

There are 4 Billion IPV4 addresses in the current internet addressing space, Not much considering that every device needs to have an address.

How are we managing ?

With only 4 billion addresses, and probably more devices already, the world is using NAT to allow more than one device to use the same IP address, So with a NAT router (such as your wireless router), all devices in your home use a single IP address.

What next ?

IPv6 is in the makes, IPv6 is a much much larger addressing space that should totally resolve the problem.

What is a dynamic IP address ?

When you connect to your ISP, your ISP gives you a random IP adres from a pool of addresses, this allows the ISP to only assign online devices IP addresses, this was a huge advantage back in the dialup days (not as much now in the always connected days). but still most ISPs will not give you a dedicated address for many reasons beyond the scope of this article.

Why do i need a static / dedicated IP address

A web server or any server that is expected to accept connections from other devices online should have a dedicated IP address that other devices know about, Although solutions such as dynamic DNS and the like have been developed, the most reliable way is to never change your IP address.

Does every website need a dedicated IP address.

No, servers with hundreds of websites use 1 IP address to serve all websites, the device is the server not a website, and an HTTP request includes a hostname to inform the server of the website a browser is inquiring about, this is called shared hosting because the server is shared between all websites.

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