What is SmartSpace?

Smart Space is an automated dynamic system to turn your own website into the one spot where you manage everything online in one place, it is the easiest and fastest way to take advantage of your domain name and turn it into a new website for either business or personal use.

With SmartSpace, you can use and display any content you want very easily, you can add photos, videos and blogs, you also can display content from other websites such as Twitter® account, Facebook® profile, Flickr® album, YouTube® channel and Digg™ account with "Social Page".

So in other words, Getting a SmartSpace means that you will have, Your own website, your own blog, your own photo album , and your social page. And that's not only what you get, with with NEW MySmartSpace, you will get your own Control Panel that you can use to fill up with your favorite stuff on the internet to be displayed in one place.

How Does it Work?

No technical skills required for you to be able to create your website on SmartSpace, if you have a domain name, all you need to do is:

  • Log In To SmartSpace using your username and password provided when you purchase your SmartSpace account.
  • Choose the features you want to activate to be displayed on your SmartSpace Pages.
  • Add the content that you want to be displayed on your SmartSpace. (No Technical Skills required, just fill the spaces available for content with text, videos..etc)
  • Then launch the website online for the world to see. (Publish)

It's that easy...

Get your Money's worth

SmartSpace is an affordable service with Plans from just $4.99, and like any of our services, you know that you are paying less for much more. So here's an idea of what you will be getting when you Purchase a SmartSpace account...

MySmartSpace: A new control panel that you will get with SmartSpace, that you can use to put your most visited websites, and your favorite things on the internet in one place...
Social Page: With your Social Page, all your friends and family will know what you're upto even if they don't see you everyday, Facebook profile, YouTube channel, Flickr album and more all on one page.
"5"Page Web site: SmartSpace will give you the opportunity to have your own 5 page web site that you can modify the way you like by using one of hundreds of professionally designed ready-made templates, 8,000+ high quality images, Flash animations and the easiest way to edit and type content to be displayed on your web page.
Blog Tool: If you feel like sharing your thoughts, talking about things that matter to you, tell the world about your latest projects and achievements, then SmartSpace Blog Tool is the solution you're looking for, with an easy to use blog, you can post whatever you have on your mind along with pictures for your friends to read and enjoy, and that's not all, you can also know what your visitors really enjoy the most on your blog after they leave feedback through comments.
Photo Site: If you are a photographer, or just a person who enjoys collecting photos and images, SmartSpace will give you the best way to display what you like the most for your friends and visitors to enjoy, through SmartSpace Photo Page, you will have your own built-in photo editor, you can create photo galleries and full screen slide shows with music. You don't need a third-party site to share your photos through, use SmartSpace, and you'll have your own Photo Page.


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