Website Tonight

What is Website Tonight ?

Website Tonigh is a website building platform that will anable you to build your own website without no HTML or technical experience, we've done the hard work for you, and all that's left for you is to pick the design that you like from Over 1,500 professionally designed Web page templates, select your images and type your text, then publish it, it's that easy... Website Tinight is the perfect website builder that anyone can operate

Website Tonight Packages:

VCheapDomains provides Website Tonight in 3 packages to suit everyone, all Website Tonight plans include more than 1,500 pre-built templates, 8,000 free images, FREE hosting & email, Flash Intros.

Website Tonight is a web-based website builder, so there's No software to download or install, and No set-up fees required:

Website Tonight Plans are as follows:

Website Tonight Plans

Economy Plan

5-page Web site

Deluxe Plan

10-page Web site

Premium Plan

999-page Web site

FREE HOSTING Available Available Available
Disk Space 50 MB 2 GB 4 GB
Bandwidth 1 GB 100 GB 200 GB
FREE EMAIL Available Available Available
Email Accounts 1 500 1,000
Email Forwards 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Free 1,500 professionally designed templates YES YES YES
Free 90 pre-built templates with
content and images
Free 8,000 images YES YES YES
Upload your own images YES YES YES
Customize color and fonts YES YES YES
Flash Intros YES YES YES
Image Galleries YES YES YES
Page-level header images N/A YES YES
Page-level password protection N/A YES YES
Video recorder N/A YES YES
Event Calendar N/A YES YES


How Website Tonight Works

Building your own website using Website Tonight does not require any experience in web design, all you need to do is to follow 3 simple steps and your website will be good to go.

Step 1- The Design

Selecting a Design that reflects the identity of your business, (or your charracter for a personal website) is the first thing you need to do to build your own website. You have the opportunity to select from WebSite Tonight’s 1,500 professionally designed templates, including over 90 with pre-built text, photos and navigation.

Step 2- Customization

After you select the design that you want for your website, it's time to make it yours, by changing the colors of the elements to get the exact look that you want, adding images, either from the 8,000 professional-quality images in our photo gallery or use our multiple file uploader to upload your own images. The content of your website can be easily edited to get the look that you want, you can change the color of your text, change the font, add bullets & numberings to your lists, and add links to other locations on the web.

With Website Tonight, you will have the ability to easily add videos, music, pre-designed Flash animations, RSS feeds, widgets which usually need experience to be added to a website, with Website Tonight, only a few clicks will put everything you want to add exactly where you want them to be.

Step 3- Launch

You selected your design, and you customized your content, now it's time to view your website to make sure that everything looks good and working fine before you publish to the Web, if you are satisfied with what you created, all you need to do is to publish the website with one click, and it's out there for the world to see.

Advanced Site Builder Features

* Note: If you are creating a website for your business, and you want it to appear in search engines, make sure to use Webmaster Tools to Optimize your website for search engines

Get your Money's worth

Website Tonight is an affordable service that will give you more than any other website builder on the market. With Website Tonight you will not only have a regular Website Builder, for a price that can go as low as $5 per month you'll have access to a very good source of items and elements that will make your website not only functional, but also professionally designed as if you hired your own professional web designer to do it for you, but without the need to pay thousands of dollars for a design and a layout that you might or might not like. Here are the extra and very valuable things that you will get when you get any of our Website Tonight Plans:

  • 1,500+ pre-built templates
  • Over 8,000 FREE images… animals to architecture, people to places.
  • FREE hosting from (50 MB Disk Space - 4 GB Disk Space ) & email (1 Email Account - 1,000 Email Accounts)
  • Easy click-&-type editing
  • Professional Flash Intros

Check out the other features and details of Website Tonight Plans above.

Deluxe and Premium Extras:

-With the Deluxe and Premium Website Tonight Plans, you will get some cool extra stuff that you can add to your website:

  • Second-level navigation
  • "just click & add " Widgets
  • Page-level header images
  • Page-level password protection
  • Video recorder
  • Event Calendar
* available for Deluxe and Premium users only

There a few things you need to know if this is the first time you build and manage a website:

-Protecting your website from errors, and online threats is very important, follow the tips below to make sure that your website is always protected :

  • Make Sure that you always have a backup, having backup will help you to restore your website if any error occured while updating or adding new content to your website
  • If you don't want to use our free web hosting that is available in any of our Website Tonight Plans, make sure that you get secure hosting, and also make sure that the Disk Space provided with the hosting plan is enough for your website requirements
  • Protecting your email is very important, most of the online threats and computer viruses come through emails, so make sure to get spam & virus protection
  • Keeping your personal information Private is necessary, and with 256-Bit Encrypted Web-Based Email no one can access or view your encrypted data unless they have the authority to do so.

-When you create a website to sell services or products, you might need some ways to Market that website on the Internet to get more visitors, and here are some of the available things you can use that are provided with Website Tonight:

  • FREE! Google Webmaster Tools
  • MySpace® myAds Credit
  • Google® AdWords® Credit
  • Facebook® Ad Credit

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