Quality Cheap Domain Names

Our Cheap Domain Names are of superior quality, here we will display the factors that make our service superior and explain each one of them.

A- The basic domain name features

1- instant Nameserver submission

Your changes to nameservers are submitted to the appropriate authority as soon as you change them, For example, If you change a .COM domain name's nameservers, changes are submitted to VeriSign (The .COM authority) instantly.

2- Instant whois change, Complete Whois control

You can edit the Registrant, Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, and Billing Contact of any domain name and the changes are submitted instantly.

3- Easy Transfer in and out

Unlike most registratrs, it is not hard to transfer a domain From EasyWebDNS (as long as the transfer meets ICANN regulation, Meaning it has not been transfered in the past 60 days), rather than having to wait for 5 days for the "Auto Approval Period" You can approve the transfer immediatly, if you simply wish to move a domain to a new account, there is no need to transfer the domain, you can change the account free of charge by using the Account Change feature.

B- Additional Quality Domain Products

an important factor of chosing a registrar is the additional Free Domain Tools, EasyWebDNS provides you with an array of extra tools to manage your domains, starting from Free Parking, and ending with Total DNS control that supports the standard DNS functions as well as non standard ones.

2- Total DNS Control

supports the standard DNS functions in addition to the non standard functions such as Domain Wildcard A records, Although your web host may provide you with nameservers, our free nameservers are the fastest, making use of anycast DNS, anycast is a technology where many computers around the globe share the same IP address, so when a DNS querry is sent, the routers connecting the user to the internet can take the shortest path to the closest nameserver, making them faster than any other DNS service.

2- Free customizable Parking / For Sale / Under construction pages

Free customizable Parking / For Sale / Under construction pages so that you can park your domain names free of charge without the hassel of looking for any third party provider.

3- Private Domain Registration

The ability to add Private Domain Registration to most domain names (Some TLDs do not allow private registrations), .COM, .CC, .NET, .ORG and others can have private registration attached to them, so you don't need to put your private data on the internet.

For a complete list of quality products that come with every domain name please see the front page

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