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The Difference between Blogs, and Podcasts

Blogs and Podcasts are ways to post your thoughts opinions, comments on the internet. The difference between Blogs and Podcasts is the way you present your posts to your visitors.

Blogs are largely text-based, which makes it your personal online journal. It's a place where you can write about your daily life and things you find interesting like politics, sports, technology... etc.

A Podcast like a Blog, is a way for you to post about your daily life and things that you find interesting like politics, sports, technology.. etc.. the difference is that Podcasts are not text-based. Pod casters broadcast their topics on the internet using multimedia files (audio or video) for their visitors to download and listen to it at their convenience.

Quick Blogcast™

Now that you know the difference between Blogs and Podcasts, it's time for us to introduce you to our service that will give you the best of both worlds. A Blog and a Podcast in one.

Quick Blogcast™ is your way to enjoy the advantage of both text-based Blogs, and Podcasts that are used to broadcast multimedia files (audio or video) without the need to have two different locations.

Using Quick Blogcast™ will give an author or multiple authors the ability to publish topics either in text, audio or video format anytime. And by the ability to Post photos, images, animations and videos, Quick Blogcast™ can be the answer that you are looking for to create your own personal Blog site.

Quick Blogcast™ privacy and safety

Because Blogs and Podcasts are usually the main target for spammers, Quick Blogcast™ provides you with an IP banning option, which will prevent spammers and unwanted visitors from accessing your Blog or Podcast completely.

If you want to create a Blog or a Blogcast for an exclusive group only, like company, school, football team... etc, Quick Blogcast™ will provide you with the new "Password Protection" feature, which will keep your Blog or Podcast private and only accessible by selected members.

Note: "Password Protection" only available with Deluxe and Premium Quick Blogcast™ hosting plans.

VCheapDomains provides Quick Blogcast™ in 3 packages starting from $4.99/month, and they are:

Plans Features
Economy Plan
  • Number of Blogs: 3 Blogs
  • Number of Sub-authors: 1 Sub-author
  • Disk Space: 1GB Disk Space
  • Bandwidth: 100GB
Deluxe Plan
  • Number of Blogs: Unlimited Blogs
  • Number of Sub-authors: Unlimited Sub-authors
  • Disk Space: 5GB Disk Space
  • Bandwidth: 300GB
  • Password Protection available!
Premium Plan
  • Number of Blogs: Unlimited Blogs
  • Number of Sub-authors: Unlimited Sub-authors
  • Disk Space: 10GB Disk Space
  • Bandwidth: 500GB
  • Password Protection available!


Need to take your existing Blog to a new level??

If you are here because you already have a blog, and you just want to see what other options are out there, then you made the right choice, if you like Quick Blogcast™'s features, then there's only one more thing you need to know, with Quick Blogcast™'s "import tool " all your current blog articles, comments and track backs will be transferred easily into your new Quick Blogcast. So basically you will still have the same old blog, same comments, track backs but with other cool features that will take your blog to a new level.

Quick Blogcast™ Tools & Features:

Using Quick Blogcast™ is as easy as ABC, so if you are already a blogger and you are tired of spending most of your blogging time dealing with technical details, or if you just decided to create your own blog, Quick Blogcast™ will give you tools and features that will make your blogging experience as fun and easy as it should be, NO TECHNICAL SKILLS REQUIRED...

  • Saving Time & Effort: Using multiple applications to finish tasks will take a lot of your time and effort, so Quick Blogcast™ will give you the advantage of saving all that time by giving you the ability to record, compress, upload and post a video to your blog all in one application. Quick Blogcast™.
  • Broadcast directly on your site: Podcasts are usually available for download only, but with the help of our On-Site Player, your Quick Blogcast™ visitors can now Play audio and video podcasts directly from your page.
  • Style: Quick Blogcast™ provides you with a advertisements-free site with more than 100 ready-made customizable templates to choose from.
  • Flexible: Quick Blogcast™ is so flexible that you can post articles from other sources without the need to use your blog's dashboard. You can use online photo albums, email, Word 2007, Windows Live Writer, Flickr and others to post directly to your blog.
  • Spam Free: Spammers and unwanted visitors can be completely blocked out by using the "IP banning" feature. And to make things even easier, in Deluxe and Premium plans Quick Blogcast™ gives you the ability to retain all comments marked as SPAM or having them auto-deleted.
  • Customizable Designs: Updating the look of your blogcast is now easier than ever with Quick Blogcast™'s improved CSS editor.
  • Blogcast update notification service: This service will keep your visitors updated and informed of your latest posts.
  • Stay informed: Quick Blogcast™ will provide you with all the information you want about your blogcast, you will be able to know the most visited pages on your blogcast, how frequently your blogcast is being visited, most commented-on entries with the help of our Updated Statistics Tool, and that's not all, Quick Blogcast™ is equipped with 'Built-In Surveys' which will give you detailed feedback from all your visitors, which will help you to improve your blogcast.
  • Overage Protection: Because Quick Blogcast™ was created to make your blogging experience much easier without the need to take care of technical details, you will be protected from exceeding bandwidth or unexpected monthly overage charges.



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