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V Cheap Domains is a provider of top quality Domain names, Web Hosting, Site Builders, Email hosting, and other web related technologies at the cheapest possible rate, With prices for domain names slightly above prices from the registry, and an unparalleled quality-price combination for web hosting , V Cheap Domains brings you value that you can not find anywhere else on the internet.
Information About POLODOMAINS

Comparing Domain Name prices

We are not aware of anyone on the internet selling domain names at a cheaper no-catch rate (Click here to compare our prices to the competition), And even with our Low rates, V Cheap domains still provides the most in add-ons, Quality, tools, and utilities.
Before you go with what seems to be the cheapest domain name provider, check the renewal rates, and check that there is no catch, If you are interested in a Cheaper rate with a hosting account, We provide $1.99 domain names with every non domain purchase, so if you buy our excellent hosting service, a security certificate, or email, you can get your domain name at the very low price of $1.99.
Our prices are only marginally above the registry prices (The cost price to us), You can take a look at the registry prices compare to our prices by following the link above.

Free Privacy with your Domain Names

Get free domain name privacy with every 5 domain names you buy or transfer together.
Domain name privacy is a feature that hides your personal information from spammers, Identity thieves, and others.
Information naturally in a whois record includes your phone number, Your email address, Your home address, and other information you may not be comfortable putting out there.
So if you are changing your registrar and moving your domains to V.CheapDomains, remember to bring them in packs of 5 or more to take advantage of this offer. Click here for more information about private registration

$1.99 domain registration

When buying a non-domain product, you will be notified that you can add a domain name to the group at $1.99, that is $6.5 cheaper than the amazingly cheap rate of $8.49 for .COM domains. So make sure you add a domain name to your order whenever you buy any of our non domain products such as web hosting, SSL certificates, email, or any other qualifying product..
1.99 price tag

$1.95 Domain Name Privacy

When adding privacy for the first time, for an existing or for a new domain, You are entitled to the special privacy rate of $1.95 a year, so if you get your domain name for 5 years, you can get privacy for the 5 years at ($1.95 x 5years = $9.75).
Privacy normally costs $7.95 at POLODOMAINS, $8.99 at godaddy.com, $11 at register.com, But if you are adding it for the first time, it is $1.95/Year for as long as the domain is valid. Click here for more information about private registration
1.95 price tag

More Discounts Just before Checking Out!

At POLO Domains, you can take advantage of extra discounts given to each and everyone. This promotional feature varies according to the total of your order. For example, the promo coupon code 5NC25 save you up to 5% with purchases of more than $25. Purchases of more than $50 can save you 10% with the promo coupon code 50CN10. And a 15% discount is given to orders of more than $100 with the code 100CN15. Don't forget to use the promo code related before checking out. The discount over the total fee should appear in your shopping cart.
Percentage sign on a sphere

The Advantage

After registering your domain name, the list of options is countless. At POLODomains, the features available are given to suit and match most (if not all) of the domain owners. The control panel allows reassigning name servers, switching between Auto and Manual renewal, editing any and all of the domain Contact fields (Registrant, Administrative, ect), permanently or temporarily forwarding your domain to another, as well as many other basic features.
With POLODomains, the reliable infrastructure combines both ease of use and a diverse set of features. For example, every registered domain name comes with extras such as free Email forwarding, free parking, free Email hosting, and more. This way, you do not have to worry about anything regardless of whether you decide to have our Web Hosting or you would like to host your domain name elsewhere.

Free with every domain name

Free Domain Push

Account change at V. Cheap Domains is the ability to move a domain name from one user account to another, the main advantage of this feature is that unlike domain transfer, account change does not require renewing the account for an additional year, And the domain move is instant, any active domain name can be pushed from one account to another by simply having the other account number and the email address associated with that account, You can create an account free of charge at V Cheap Domains.
Just like in Domain Transfer, once a domain name is pushed to a different account, the old owner will no longer have control over the domain name and all control is given to the new owner.
Change Of Account

Free Photo Album

This free Photo Album utility is a very trendy dynamic online photo-manager. Features match any other paid-for album app, such as the password-protection option. And although it is ad-supported; these ads only appear on certain parts of the page with no annoying pop-ups or flashing banners. Click here for more information about Photo Album
Photo Gallery Website

Quick Blogcast

With any purchased domain, POLODomains gives you the ability of enabling the Blogcast feature. This free Blogcast utility is a combination of PodCasts and Blogs with a recording tool perfect for attaching your own podcasts. All you need is a microphone and you are good to go.
Quick Blogcast / Bloging system

Hosting with Web site builder

Wondering about the design of your website? POLODomains thought about that as well, and that is why "Site Builder Website Tonight Economy" is given with each registered domain name. This application includes hundreds of ready-to-install-designs with the ability of instant uploads of your preferred images, video, or texts. The free included website hosting and site builder are ad-supported, but these ads are popup-free and without any annoying flashing banners.
Website Builder

Delegate some authority

Sometimes, you may want to allow your programmers, engineers, or your website's web designer to manage DNS within your account or to be able to change nameservers for a domain name, Yet you want to be sure that this person can not transfer the domain away, or change it's whois information, this is why you can assign roles to people so they can do things themselves without you having to give away your account credentials.
Delegate Authority

Personalized Email Account

With every domain name from V. Cheap Domains, a free 1GB Business class Email mailbox supporting POP3, IMAP, SMTP, Webmail, Catch all, and fully compatible with MS Outlook, Windows Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird is included.
A business class free email mailbox such as yourname@yourdomain.com is the defacto standard in making a professional email address for your business, Our premium, reliable, safe, and flexible offering saves you money as domain names are as cheap as $8.49 and it is all you need to create a professional address.
In addition to the Free Business Email provided with your domain, Other/Additional Email hosting plans are available in Regular Email, Blackberry Enabled, And Advanced Hosted MS Exchange
Free 1GB Email mailbox on your domain

100-Pack Email Forwarding

100 email forwarding accounts are included with every domain name you buy from V. Cheap Domains, An email forwarding account allows you to redirect mail sent to an email address on the domains (EX: eric@mydomain.com) to any other email address on any domain (EX: eric@hismailprovider.com). Email forwarders can be catch-all as well, so if we are to enable catch all for this account, all mail sent to any user on the domain will end up at eric@hismailprovider.com.
100 Pack Email Forwarding

Total DNS Control

With every Domain Name you buy from V Cheap Domains, You can use our top of the line nameservers free, we also provide you with the intuitive Total DNS control control panel, Although you can use external DNS tools, Our DNS servers are top of the line with hi tech features such as anycast DNS (Automatically chooses the closest DNS server to your visitor), the ability to edit all resource records, covering all resource records that are used today starting with the almost mandatory A, MX, CNAME, through the all new AAAA (IPv6), and additional record types such as TXT, SPF and others. All at a 100% uptime and 100% free. read more about total DNS control. read more about total DNS control
Total DNS Control

Starter Web Page

Once you register your domain name, whether you have a hosting account or not, you can use the free and easy to apply single-page feature. An "under construction´┐Ż or ´┐Żcoming soon" page can be customized with your own text, graphics and links.
Starter Web Page

For Sale Page

At any time, you can use the pre-built "for sale page" without the need to setup your own server or even get a hosting account. Another amazing feature with this free page is being notified whenever there is an interested buyer.
For Sale Page

Parked Page w/ Domain

By default, any registered domain name has "parked" as its' initial state. A parked domain will resolve and display a page telling the visitor that this website has been registered and is probably in the making, saving the visitor the need to wait for DNS to timeout before knowing that the domain has not yet been worked on or activated.
Parked Page w/ Domain

Domain Forwarding & Masking

Domain forwarding is where the visitor is automatically sent to another previously specified page on the internet. Forwarding with the masking option allows the target page to appear in the browser without disclosing the actual target destination. If a user clicks a link on the target page, your domain will still appear regardless of the actual landing page address (Through an iframe), This service is included for free "with no ad-feature" with every domain name registered at POLODomains.
Domain Forwarding & Masking

Change of Registration

Contact details associated with the domain name can be changed from inside the domain control panel. The Whois contact information of every domain can be separately edited whenever and as frequently as needed. Note that the registrant needs not be the account holder (.CO.UK requires a registry fee to do so)
Change of Registration

Status Alerts

Notifications of any changes done to your domain name are sent to you via email. Every change made to the domain is sent to inform the owner of the domain name, such as modifying contact details or editing DNS zones.
Domain Name Status Alerts

Domain Locking

Domain locking means that transfer requests are rejected automatically, unless you unlock your domain name.
With the Domain lock feature, You can be sure that no unwanted domain name transfers can take place, Without Domain Locking, a domain name transfer request must be honored within 5 days if not declined during that period, This means that if someone requests your unlocked domain name while you are on vacation, it is Theirs within 5 days, With the locking feature you do not need to manually reject transfer requests, and when you want to transfer your domain elsewhere, you can simply unlock it.
Domain Locking

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